Natural, Safe Technology to clean Covid from the air and spaces
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BreatheIN Technologies is a purveyor of natural, safe technologies that bring the purity of nature indoors. We feature cutting-edge technology from Beth-El Machinery, delivering the latest advances in Bi-Polar ionization.



Modern Air Purification
Pure Air Filtration In An Office


Never has it been more challenging to feel safe in the spaces we occupy.


As the world learns to maneuver this new existence with COVID-19, we’re all pursuing a sense of security. We want to return to normalcy in a safe and responsible manner, visiting restaurants, enjoying concerts with friends, going to school and work without worrying about the consequences of close contact with others.

BreatheIn Technologies Pursuing a Sense of Security Indoors
BreatheIn Technologies is Safe
How To Have Safe Air in A Gym


With the Sterionizer™, you can enjoy breathing pure, contaminant free air in any indoor environment, worry-free.

The Sterionizer is scientifically proven to continuously eliminate unwanted airborne particulates like COVID-19, bringing the health and purity of nature’s air indoors.

The Sterionizer uses a completely natural Bi-Polar ionization technology, specifically designed to clear out unnatural toxins and improve indoor air quality by replicating nature. Think of the fresh, natural air of a rainforest. The plants continuously produce ions, which combine with moisture to take out pollutants and contaminants, keeping the air pure and clean. The Sterionizer brings this same experience indoors.

The Sterionizer Creates Safe Air
Ionization Makes thie System Safe for Everyone
Business Office Covid Filtration System


The natural occurrence of ionization makes this system safe for everyone.


This established technology has been proven to protect patrons and prevent disease in major airports, professional sports venues, hotels, casinos, and Fortune 500 company headquarters — as well as providing pure, fresh air to the majority of bomb shelters in Israel.

Purify your air with the Sterionizer and make your space a safe haven for visitors.

Technology is Proven to Protect Patrons and Prevent Diseases
BreatheIN Technologies Helps Protect From COVID-19

Protection from COVID-19

To combat the spread of COVID-19, you need a long-term strategy that provides a safe and healthy environment for employees, students, teachers, visitors, and patrons. 


The COVID-19 virus is an airborne particulate, so it’s almost always transmitted via air rather than surfaces. Although nightly surface cleanings are beneficial, they do not address the quality of the indoor air breathed by everyone inside the space during the day.


The Sterionizer wall unit is mounted on the wall, directly in the room creating maximum air circulation and leading to more successful removal of contaminants like the COVID-19 virus.

Ionization Makes thie System Safe for Everyone
Busy Office


The Sterionizer's long lifetime and cost effectiveness makes this the ideal solution for homes and businesses that are trying to resume life as normal.